Do you offer officially licensed sports apparel or memorabilia on your site?

No. We are hoping to eventually get licensed and bring a breath of fresh air to an otherwise stale array of sportswear but for the time being we must refrain from using actual logos.

Some of these things look familiar. Where have I seen them before?

Great question ;). We have had shirts worn on National television including: Saturday Night Live, ESPN, ABC, Good Morning America. We have also had products make National AP news. One of our most popular women’s shirts “Sox and the City” was worn by an adult film star in a reality show called “Mommy XXX”. We assume that’s not where you saw it. :)

Do you pay for placement of these items?

No. Every instance has occurred organically and without our involvement. People come across our product and decide to wear it. We are always informed of it after the fact.

Who designs all of the shirts I see on your site?

Most of them are courtesy of our affiliate, The Boston Sports Apparel Company. We also have arrangements with other t-shirt companies to offer their product on our site as well. Their product will be properly credited.

I have seen other shirts that look VERY similar to the ones on your site. Are you “borrowing” other people’s ideas?

Nope. You probably saw an early prototype of a shirt. Every shirt we design goes through a rigorous, not to mention very expensive testing process. We print a few hundred shirts and our team canvases areas of New England to solicit feedback. We hit the streets and try to test demand at various price points. If we have a HIT, we know right away. If it’s a DUD, we collect all of the feedback and make revisions until it’s a winner. Sadly, not every shirt is a winner. You can put cologne on a turd but guess what?

That Fantastic Five shirt is WAY COOL but didn’t you bite that idea from ESPN the Magazine?

Au contraire. ESPN the Magazine interviewed us for a story and ultimately killed it during the NBA Playoffs in 2010. We submitted our super hero designs and bio of our company which included our usage of actual comic book artists. They were provided with images for the Fantastic Five. Lo and behold, 3 months later they magically came up with the idea to depict NBA teams as super heroes. Ours is MUCH better. Thanks for noticing.

So, what exactly is The Boston Sports Apparel Company?

Great question. The Boston Sports Company is a design studio that is comprised of 12 – 15 artists from all walks of life including some that are currently drawing the comic books you or your kids are reading right now! They aren’t able to use their names because they are under contract with companies like Marvel and DC and we don’t want them snooping around asking questions. Their art is unparalleled and they fuse detailed imagery, humor and sports into a nice, neat product that we all get to enjoy.

Are there any exclusive products on your site?

Sure there are. We have arrangements in place with some elite athletes where we can offer a unique product that allows you to root for them in style. Some of the other shirts are just cool and we decided to print for the hell of it.

There are other online Boston Sports websites. What makes your site better than them?

Not better, just different. Fans deserve a choice. We respect those that came before us and the niche they have carved out in this marketplace. It makes no sense for us to try to follow in their footsteps when they have a 10 year head start. We just want to be... different.

I am an elite Boston Athlete and I would like to tap into your creativity to create a shirt for me to use to connect with my fans. Is that something you can do?

Two words come to mind. “Hellz” and “Yeah” (in that order). Been there. Done that. We are happy to do it. Just shoot us an email and we can make it happen. We are much more apt to do it if we can partner with you in all aspects of it rather than just a “hired gun”.